“ Ludovico Torri, 21 years old from Carrara, Tuscany, started designing his elegant collection two years ago. He was looking to achieve a comfortable and light style of loose, pajama-like clothing for the Summer that also remained true to his obscure innovativeness.
The combination of these aspects resulted in his line LT GOLD STANDARD.”
LT GOLD STANDARD is “effortlessly chic for luxurious comfort”
LT GOLD STANDARD’S is a Unisex, Seasonless and One size Collection.
“The idea is to play with materials to create something easy to wear yet unique and glamorous” hence the choice of premium, strictly Made in Italy, fabrics like pure silk, crepe georgette, silk velvet in a variety of warm hues and original prints with Carrara marble or mother of pearl buttons, fur pockets, sequins pipings .
“From a young age I have been a fantasist, always allowing my curiosity to run wild, and through fashion I found a way to express my most fantastical ideas that show my unrestrained imagination and what it is capable of creating.”
LT GOLD STANDARD stems from a question:
“ Is it possible to be comfortable yet elegant at the same time? “